Hyundai H1 2020 specifications, features and disadvantages

 The new Hyundai H1 2020 is a nine-seat minibus also known as Grand Starex. The spacious minibus with excellent technical characteristics offers an excellent solution as a corporate transportation or a family car for travel and daily trips.

Serial production of the Hyundai H1 began in 1996, and in 2007 at the Seoul International Motor Show a presentation of the second generation of the car was made. In December 2017, Hyundai presented the new generation Hyundai H-1, whose sales began in June 2018.

Among the main advantages of the car it is worth noting the modern design, comfortable spacious interior, innovative functional equipment, a high level of safety, efficiency and affordable cost. Hyundai H1 is also equipped with airbags, ABS and EBD systems, as well as modern engines that meet Euro-6 environmental standards

Hyundai H1 2020 is classified in the category of good minivans and accommodates all family members and is suitable for daily corporate cycles. However, there are some competing cars such as the Honda Odyssey 2020

New Hyundai H1 2020 specifications

Hyundai H1 2020 from the outside

Among the main features of the exterior of the bus are large LED headlights with a horizontal arrangement and a trapezoidal grille with elegant chrome trim that complements the elegant exterior of the car. Fog lights integrated into the lower part of the front bumper improve visibility in bad weather and hinged front doors open at an angle This provides convenient comfort for the driver and front passenger

Hyundai H1 2020 from the inside

The interior of the Hyundai H1 is made of high-quality materials, whether genuine leather or wooden elements, painted in quality lacquer. It seats eight, comes with a multifunction steering wheel with four adjustable arms, can be equipped with heating, and an infotainment system with an 8-inch touch screen.

Many advantages of the Hyundai H1 car, which accommodates from nine to 12 seats, suits a wide range of options, whether business or entertainment, and many seat shapes are available, which ensure the comfort of passengers

H1 loading space

The five-seater Hyundai H1 offers plenty of loading space, while the three-seater model comes with a generous 800kg load space, making it another choice for big family trips or freight companies.

Hyundai H1 safety

H1 . Safety and Security Systems

Hyundai H1 2020 comes with front airbags for the driver and front passenger, in addition to side airbags that give more protection against side collisions, a rear view camera, and a window control system

Hyundai H1 engine 2020

Hyundai H1 2020 is equipped with a choice of a single engine, four-cylinder front-wheel drive, producing 175 horsepower, connected to a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic

Four-cylinder 2,400 cc, 175 horsepower

Hyundai H1 2020 price

The price of the new Hyundai H1 for the year 2020 starts at about 33,000 dollars, and it is available in three, six, nine and 12 seats. Its price is new in the Arab countries as follows

In the UAE, from 80,640 to 125,580 dirhams

In Saudi Arabia from 80,900 to 89,500 Saudi riyals

In Egypt 575,000 EGP

In Qatar from 76,400 to 99,000 QR

In Oman from 8,200 to 10,500 OMR

In Kuwait from 6,400 to 8,200 Kuwaiti dinars

In Bahrain, from 7,900 to 11,550 Bahraini dinars

New H1 classes

The Hyundai H1 2020 comes in six categories, three, six, nine and twelve seats, according to your interest. All categories are equipped with a 2400 cc front-wheel drive engine that produces 175 hp with a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

H1 new colors

Hyundai H1 2020 is equipped with several color options (cream white - shiny silver - brown - ocean color - dynamic yellow - super red - timeless black)

H1 . weight and dimensions

Hyundai H1 2020 comes with a length of 5150 mm, a width of 1920 mm, a height of 1935 mm, and a wheelbase of 3200 mm, but the weight is unknown

Disadvantages of Hyundai H1 2020

Lack of safety features

old infotainment system

Single drive option

Lack of equipment

Great fuel consumption

Hyundai H1 2020 features

Good interior space

Comfortable seats

Lots of seating options and loading space

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