Toyota Mirai specifications and price.

 The Toyota Mirai distinguishes itself as one of the three hydrogen-powered models in the automotive market around the world.

Toyota ignites the "hybrid" car market with a new model from Piraeus

In its desire to compete with other hydrogen-powered models in its class, the Japanese brand Toyota presented a new, modern version of the Mirai model for 2021 with distinctive capabilities reviewed by the "Car and Driver" website, which included revealing the engine power of the new version of the model and its various specifications.

the prices

The 2021 version of the Toyota Mirai is a completely new generation of the model that offers special capabilities and an exterior design that appears for the first time, and according to the "Car and Driver" website, next year's version is offered by Toyota in a single category at a cost of 64,000 dollars.

Toyota Mirai model

the engine

The model is available with its hydrogen-cell electric motor, producing 151 horsepower with 247 rpm torque, and a single-speed transmission. The model also has an acceleration rate from zero to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds.

oil consumption

In terms of average fuel economy, the Toyota Mirai uses energy in a gallon of energy for every 67 miles it drives between the highway and in the city.

The site also reported that the model operates with a maximum range of its power charge, up to 400 miles, in its version for 2021.

Toyota Mirai model

Interior space

From the inside, the model has enough space for 4 passengers, and in the front seats, there is an extension of 42.5 inches for the feet, and up to the head extension of 38.5 inches.

In the rear seats, there is 30.1 inches of leg room for downforce, and 36.8 inches of headroom for headrest.


The 2021 version of the Toyota Mirai is presented with a distinctive technical system, which includes a giant display in the central control area that measures 12.3 inches, after its measurement in previous versions of the model stopped at 7.0 inches.

In addition to a wireless Internet connection and an 11-speaker audio system from the JBL brand, the model lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

Toyota Mirai model

Security and protection

The Toyota Mirai model has security and protection systems, including a self-activating emergency brake system, a lane keeping system, and a system for maintaining a safe distance between the car and the vehicles around it by adjusting the speed.

Last Wednesday, the second-generation Toyota Mirai set a new world record for mileage per gallon of hydrogen.

The journey started at a hydrogen station in Orly, a town in the southern suburbs of Paris, covered 1,003 km on French public roads, 4 drivers took turns at the wheel, distance and fuel consumption approved by an independent third party.

The Mirai's fuel tank could hold 5.6 kilograms of hydrogen, or about 37.5 gallons, meaning that in the end it only used 0.55 kilograms per 100 kilometres, The News Well reported.

smashing hyundai nexo records

Toyota broke the previous record set by the Hyundai Nexo, which covered the 887.5 kilometers between Melbourne and Broken Hill in Australia.

The Mirai's road trip took 13 hours and 6 minutes, with an average of just under 68 kilometers per hour, and by the end of the trip Toyota had about 9 kilometers left in it.

Under normal driving conditions, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is rated as 650 km on a single fuel tank, which takes only 5 minutes to fill.

Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai

Eco-friendly driving

Drivers adopted "eco-driving" style to set the record, but there are no special technologies that ordinary drivers can use, The News Wheel reported.

A completely zero-emissions car can cover 623 miles after 5 minutes of filling, which is one reason Toyota is less enthusiastic about battery electric cars than hydrogen fuel cell technology.

However, electric cars will need a 30-minute recharge break on long trips.

Automobile fuel stations

The Toyota Mirai is one of the most financially and technologically consumer-friendly cars, and one of two hydrogen-fuelled cars available in Britain.

The Toyota Mirai faces many challenges, most notably the lack of sufficient hydrogen fuel stations for the car. Through the Google search engine, there are only 8 stations for hydrogen fueling cars in Britain, while other sources indicate that there are 14 stations across the country.

Comparing hydrogen-fueled and electric cars, the first needs only minutes to get fuel like other gasoline-powered cars, while the second may take more than 20 minutes, and it can reach hours.

And the infrastructure for an electric car charging station is very poor in Britain, with the exception of Tesla's Supercharge app.

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